Let's be honest...

The officiant is probably one of your smallest concerns in planning your wedding. Between venue constraints, meal options (cake flavors!), the band, the photographer...well, you’ve got some big expensive moving pieces that communicate your unique idea of this special day. If your family is involved in any of the planning or paying, you’ve probably also got competing, changeable emotions inside and outside of you.


And when it comes to officiants, you’ve got some relatively easy choices: justices of the peace and friends who get ordained online can fill that slot. Add a little Google and you’ve got the skeleton of a wedding ceremony.


And yet.


Your officiant is the only person focused solely on you as a couple and on the depth of commitment that has brought you to this day.


Working with your officiant should be like finding a secret bubble where time slows down and the two of you can set aside the flurry of wedding stuff to reconnect. You’ll share your story, talk about what’s important, and work together to create the core of your commitment to each other and to your relationship.


If your officiant is any good, you’ll learn even more about each other to love and confirm your decision to set out on this life together.