Offering education, guidance, personalization & warmth
for confusing times and difficult decisions. If you are facing your end of life, you may want to make your wishes known,  explore environmentally sensitive options,  and alleviate difficult decisions for loved ones. If you are a family in immediate need for a personal, meaningful and non-religious service, I can help. 

Living Wakes

A living wake allows those nearing the end of life a chance to connect with loved ones  in a deeply meaningful way, whether you want one last party or to tie up loose ends. For those of us still living, it is a gentle beginning to the grieving process. 

Planning Ahead: End of Life Wishes

Want to know more about home funerals, green burials, and the options available to you  for your end of life? This education and planning session is for you. You and your loved ones will be relieved to have clear direction about your values. At the end of our meetings you'll have documented your end of life care preferences, in addition to wishes for a funeral that reflects your life, your values, legacy, and personality. | $145 per person


Memorials & Celebrations of Life

Memorials and celebrations of life help transform active grief into a sustaining reaffirmation of the positive and unique qualities of a loved one. Many families find themselves, after the shock of death and the administrative needs of the funeral, drawn to creating a more positive remembrance of their loved one. This also allows for distant family and friends to gather and share the full impact of the life and death of your loved one.  |  From $500.

Home Funerals

If you are anticipating a death, it is possible to keep or bring your loved one home for a calm, transformative home funeral.  This way of marking death is traditional, natural, and respectful. I can provide you with education and support on how to carry out a home funeral, as well as connections with hands-on death doulas in the area.


Personal, creative, warm, and non-religious funeral ceremonies or graveside services/interments. I work independently for you, or with your funeral director, crematory, or cemetery. | From $500.  No charge for funerals for children under 15.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 


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Beth Stokes/Ceremonies for Life and Death doesn't tolerate discrimination of any kind.