About me...

My work as a celebrant encompasses all kinds of ceremonies and rites of passage like baby namings, coming of age rituals, trans namings, weddings, and funerals. I'm a home funeral educator and green burial guide—work informed by my commitment to financial and environmental justice, and by my belief that natural death rituals can mean a more humane grieving process. 

I also believe women bring a healthy spiritual and ethical sensibility to leading people through major rites of passage. Endorsed by the American Humanist Society, I'm a registered clergy member in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance, Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts, and the International Association of

Professional Wedding Officiants. I'm also a life-cycle celebrant, trained by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in creating and performing ritual.  Previous to my work as an officiant, I led a Quaker organization and was a fiction editor. ​​

My roots are in anthracite coal country, but I came to Boston as a writer and stayed. In addition to being a minister-celebrant, I’m a city cyclist, mixtape nerd, small-batch ice cream experimenter, traveler, mom to two crazy-loving boys, and amateur drummer. (You can check out my playlist of non-traditional ceremony songs at the Spotify link below.) I love leading from behind by creating the rhythm, structure, and confidence for others to take center stage and rock. 

If you're spiritual-not-religious, interfaith, atheist, LGBTQ+, of color, or just having trouble finding someone who gets you, let's talk. I proudly serve people of all faiths, races, genders, ages, and orientations in the greater Boston/Cambridge area, and can travel for ceremonies if my schedule allows. Creating ritual and ceremony for people of all kinds is my thing!


National Funeral
Consumers Alliance 
Eastern Massachusetts

American Marriage Ministries

Thank you...

... Vince Vanston, for introducing me to the idea that poetry and deep appreciation  for life could co-exist with dark humor, death, and undertaking

... Ursula LeGuin, Walt Whitman, Mark Strand, Anne Carson, E.M Forster, A. S. Byatt, Ray Bradbury, Ted Chiang, Michel Faber, and John Crowley

... Grizzly Bear, Joy Division, Kristin Hersh, American Football, Bowie, Adrienne Davies, Interpol, Bill Withers, Liz Phair, Father John Misty, The Meters, Public Enemy, Kate Bush, Eric Satie, The Smiths, Brian Eno, Fiona Apple, Parliament, Luscious Jackson, Sparklehorse, No Age, Beastie Boys,  Moe Tucker, & The Flaming Lips

... Fisher and Diaz, for being a relentlessly human family, and for staying classy in your care of the dead and their living

... Forest Hills Cemetery and Mount Auburn Cemetery, for many hours of solo and shared walks in nature

... Mom and Dad for modeling the craft and theory of existentialism, life cycle rituals, and ethical leadership

... J.P. Licks and L.A. Burdick for getting me through summers and winters

...Adrianne Mathiowetz for capturing me in front of the lens, and Vera Times for kind graffiti

... my kids, for making my work workable